Sample Program Outline

Skills Assessments

Basic life skills
Family life skills
Independency skills
Physical skills
Academic skills
Social skills

Training Module 1:
Getting Ready for Work

Personal Hygiene
Personal Appearance
Uniforms and Dress Codes
Greeting people
Talking to co-workers
Appropriate physical contact at work

Training Module 2:
Common Work

Cleaning Windows and Mirrors
Cleaning Restrooms
Sweeping, Mopping and Dusting
Counting Items
Sorting Items
Basic Customer Service

Training Module 3:
Office Work

Folding Letters
Stuffing Envelopes
Labeling and Stapling Things
Using Scissors and Paper Cutters
Making Photo Copies
Cleaning Equipment

Training Module 4:
Hotel Work

Folding Clothes, Towels and Linens
Hanging Clothes and Towels
Making Beds
Emptying Trash
Refilling Consumables
Tidying Up a Room

Training Module 5
Restaurant Work

Clearing, Cleaning and Washing
Food Hygiene and Safety
Restocking and Refilling
Measuring Liquids and Solids
Making Food and Drinks
Serving Food and Drinks

Training Module 6
Retail Shop Work

Helping Customers Find Things
Setting up Displays
Unboxing New Inventory
Filling and Sealing Boxes
Bagging Items for Customers
Gift Wrapping Items

Training Module 7
Simple Coffee Practical

Open and Close
Serving Food and Drinks
Food and Drink Prep
Making Pour-over Coffee
Packing and Labeling Coffee
Cleaning and Organizing

Job Matching
Skills Assessment

Post-Training Assessments
Post-Training Interview
Identifying Appropriate Jobs
Creating CVs

Job Placement
Network Connection

Contacting Businesses
Applying for Job or Internship
Interviewing Skills
Placement Recommendation

On-site Coaching

Identify Job Specific Tasks
Job Responsibilities
Transitional Training

Employment Support
On-Going Support

Performance Assessment
Assist Employee Training
Train Current Staff

Imago Work

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Imago Work

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Imago Work Dignity

Imago Work Dignity

Imago Work Dignity

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is a social enterprise that provides vocational training and job placement assistance for young people with developmental disabilities in Vietnam.